Glimpse with Sitecore

I have been a big fan of Glimpse for a while now and have used the extensive glimpse plugins for Sitecore. However as of late these have been lacking in functionality and haven’t really evolved much from it’s original implementation. However after reading Adam Conns latest post on his Glimpse plugin it gives me some great ideas as to what this type of plugin approach could introduce;

  1. Create a global event solution that allows unique calls that glimpse listens to
  2. Extend the Sitecore Trace model to include Glimpse Support
  3. Extend the log4Net appender to output data to glimpse
  4. Provide additional metrics on presentation components, cached, rendering time etc
  5. List of rules that were run for the request
  6. Custom Security Policy to lock down glimpse

If you think about this it should quite easy to add this type of support, well if you can get access to certain code blocks. I’ve got a local copy of the code and will let you know how i go trying to set some of this up.


jQuery High Contrast Detection

I had some spare time and through i would convert over my High Contrast Detection over to jQuery.
The solution is actually quite simple once you know how to look for High Contrast Mode.

High Contrast is a mode of accessibility for visually impaired users, and can be easily activated by pressing “ALT+LEFT SHIFT+PRINT SCREEN”.  This needs to be addressed and the easiest way layouts resolved and catered for. Read more of this post