Umbraco Force Redirect

In Umbraco I had a need to force the user to be redirected to another page, the easiest way is to create a control (macro) and put it on the template and there you go. But why this is expensive as it has to go all the way through the umbraco context which uses additional resources. So how do I get around this….

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Debug Umbraco running MSBuild Project

When i was writing my previous post on “Setting up Umbraco Correctly with MSBuild” i was thinking exactly how can we get the standard “F5” debug functionality working, well here is a simple solution to the problem.

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Setting up Umbraco correctly with MSBuild

I\’ve worked with MSBuild on previous projects and was introduced to this and the fullness of MSBuild by Alistair Deneys a few years ago on a very complicated project which required that little bit of automation to reduce the work load for developers.

He posted a great article on this blog which has some of the great features in which MSBuild can be used, but to go that little step further some times you need to actually separate out MSBuild tasks and the standard Project file as well as do different tasks based on the build conditions for this i supply the following solution. This is all just default behaviour but just helps in reducing those pesky repetitive tasks. Read more of this post